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Probreed Maternal Rams

ProBreed Maternal is the ideal breed type for producers who want to maximise their lamb production per hectare, by increasing the number of lambs weaned and their growth rate.  ProBreed Maternal sires are selected for high maternal efficiency and fertility, as well as high weaning weight and post-weaning weight ASBVs.  They are also selected for low birth weight and high survival, to reduce lambing difficulties and losses.  ProBreed Maternal sires are suitable for mating with Merino or crossbred ewes, to produce high-quality prime lambs or replacement ewes. 

The Probreed Maternal is our flagship breed. Maternal efficiency is the name of the game for these sheep.

Moderate ewe weight, high early growth, high reproductive rate and low worms are just a few of the features of this unique ewe type. For the prime lamb specialist, this is the maternal line of choice.

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Sheep Wool (1).jpeg

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