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ProBreed Plus is the ideal breed type for producers who want to optimise their prime lamb production, by balancing growth, carcase and wool traits.  ProBreed Plus sires are selected for high post-weaning weight, eye muscle depth and fat depth ASBVs, as well as moderate yearling clean fleece weight and fibre diameter ASBVs.  They are also selected for low worm egg count and high worm resistance ASBVs, to improve the health and resilience of their progeny.  ProBreed Plus sires are suitable for mating with Merino or crossbred ewes, to produce high-quality prime lambs or dual-purpose sheep.

Prime lamb production is a profitable and rewarding enterprise, but it also involves some risks, such as market volatility, climate variability, disease outbreaks and predation.  To reduce these risks, producers need to adopt strategies that can improve their flock productivity, profitability and sustainability.  One of these strategies is to use genetics that can enhance the performance and resilience of their sheep.  ProBreed Plus sires are selected for traits that can reduce production risk in prime lamb enterprises, such as growth, carcase, wool and worm resistance.  These traits can improve the income and efficiency of the enterprise, as well as the health and welfare of the sheep.  By using ProBreed Plus sires, you can produce lambs that have higher growth rates, better carcase attributes, finer and heavier fleeces, and lower worm burdens, compared to other sires.  These lambs can also cope better with adverse conditions, such as drought, heat stress, parasites and diseases.  Carcase quality and value are important factors for prime lamb production, as they determine the price and demand for the product.

Carcase quality and value are influenced by several traits, such as weight, yield, fatness, muscling, tenderness.  These traits can be measured by objective and subjective methods, such as carcase grading, ultrasound scanning, meat quality testing and consumer feedback.  ProBreed Plus sires are selected for high eye muscle depth (EMD) and fat depth (FAT) ASBVs, which are indicators of carcase quality and value.  Fat depth is a measure of the amount and distribution of subcutaneous fat, which affects the yield, appearance and eating quality of lamb.  By using ProBreed Plus sires, you can produce lambs that have higher eye muscle depth and fat depth, compared to other sires. These lambs can have higher carcase weights, yields, grades and prices, as well as better meat tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

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Sheep Breedingis a complex andchallenging activitythat requires planning,management andevaluation.

There are many factors that influence the performance, health and profitability of your flock, such as genetics, nutrition, health, environment and market conditions.  To help you achieve your breeding goals, you need a reliable and trusted partner that can provide you with the best genetics, advice and support.  That partner is ProBreed, the leading sheep breeding company in Australia.  ProBreed offers a range of breed types that are designed to suit different production systems and market requirements.  Whether you are looking for maternal, dual-purpose or terminal sires, ProBreed has the right solution for you.

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