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Ram Guarantee.


Best Practice Ram Care.

  • Probreed Maternal

    We carry out a comprehensive animal health program before the sale of the ram to you. This includes:

    • ​All flocks are Accredited free of Brucellosis

    • Annual palpation and blood testing of rams
    • Full vaccination for clostridial diseases

    • All ewes are vaccinated with Camplyobacter

    • Site specific treatments are undertaken with consideration to climate and topography

    • All animals are free from Lice and Footrot

    • All animals are monitored for worm burden and where required treated

    • All animals are vaccinated with Guidair against Ovine Johnes

    Copies of the Animal Health Summary and Accreditation Certificates are inserted into the back of this guide for your reference and records. 

  • Probreed Rams

    When you receive your ram, we recommend the following:

    • Check for injury and lameness that may have occurred during transit.

    • ​If you have any concerns please advise Probreed immediately.

    • Ensure feed and water are available

    • Mix with a socially equal and disease free group of peers.

    • Re-check in three to seven days time for any issues or injuries that may occur while social hierarchy is established.

    A summary of what your ram was fed prior to arrival is included below.

    • Please consider what your ram has been fed on as the ram will need to be adjusted to your feed base gradually in order to achieve a continued rising plane of nutrition and avoid stomach upset.

  • Probreed

    It takes at least six weeks for viable semen to be produced by the ram.  In order to achieve maximum fertility results, we recommend your ram team is fully vaccinated at least two months pre mating, and protected against the following: 

    • Ensure your ram team is fully vaccinated for all conditions of local significance (including salmonella and clostridial disease)

    • Fully protected against flystrike

    • Free from lameness

    • Not presented with any sudden feed changes

    • Not challenged by internal parasites - particularly barbers pole.

    • If in doubt, vaccinate.

    Additional best practise recommendations:

    • ​No ram in full wool should be put out for joining. Shear your rams between 16 and six weeks pre-mate. Probreed rams are shorn 8 weeks prior to sale.

    • Body condition score (BSC) should start at 2.5 and increase through a rising plane of nutrition to achieve a minimum increase of 0.5 BCS over this time  (this works out at 3-4kgs minimum live weight gain).

    • Be aware of the challenge and have a contingency plan in the case of sickness or injury such as staggers, pneumonia/pleurisy, scald, photosensitivity, heat/cold stress, acidosis, dehydration or misadventure. The aforementioned are all possibilities for any sheep introduced to any farming enterprise, and if the challenge is higher than the pre-existing tolerance, the ram may get sick and underperform. Carry out a pre mate health inspection of rams before putting the ram out to ensure all rams are fit, healthy and able to perform their job. 

  • Probreed Sheep and Lambs

    Mate at your selected ram ratio, remembering: 

    • We also advise you to useRam ratios can range in general from 1:50, 1:100 + 1.  We advise you use local knowledge, history and awareness of geography and topography in particular.  If in doubt, or if last year's scanning showed >4% dries and <80% ewes mated in the first cycle, increase to 1:80.

    • Mature or two tooth rams, higher body weight, larger­ testicle rams will mate more ewes per ram than newly arrived acclimating ram lambs.

    • ​Use higher mating ratios if you have used teasers, use higher ratio's if the ram team is made up of only ram lambs.

    Watch for health challenges through mating and act if rams are affected.

    • ​This may mean adding more rams to joining mobs where rams are affected and potentially treating rams (be careful with any treatments that may negatively impact fertility). 

    • Optimum mating is >90% ewes mated in the first cycle resulting in 80+% pregnant.

    • ​35 days post mating (from rams being introduced to the ewes) the rams are ready to be removed. 

  • Probreed Maternal Sheep and Ewes

    Post Mating

    • Carry out a second health check on your ram team and address any noted issues. 

    • Consider a worm drench for first­ season young rams and any other low BCS mixed-age rams.

    • Best practice is to conduct a faecal egg count to ascertain if drenching is necessary.

    • In principle, rams should not need drenching if ram ratio's, preparation, management and feed during mating were optimum. 

    • Ensure all rams are fed at a level to return to their pre mating body weight over the next six weeks. 

  • Probreed Rams


    Scanning occurs at around 6 weeks post ram removal, dependent upon length of joining.  Scanning serves as an excellent reminder to conduct another ram health check to ensure weight gain and general health to protect your asset.

    Scanning to Marking

    Ram lambs and two tooths (i.e. new first season rams) need to be fed well to achieve acceptable body weights as adults.  Aim for live weight gain of 150g/day for ram lambs and 50g/day for two tooths at this time. 

  • Probreed lambs

    Run another health check and/ or vet check on your ram team including: 

    • Physical check-up and general winter BCS evaluation.

    • Mouth and cheek check as the ram team ages and consider replacing any ram >4 years old on the basis of increased genetic merit from new purchases.

    • Routine breeding and soundness check of the testicles, scrotum and pizzle.

    • A vet check is highly recommended, including screening for Ovine Brucellosis.

    • Basic stocktake of how many rams you require for the next breeding season based on genetic improvement and attrition on-farm.

    Probreed flocks are accredited under the Ovine Brucellosis Free states accreditation programs: 

    Probreed exceeds program requirements by testing rams annually.  Probreed recommends you test your rams annually prior to joining, ensuring that the follow up test is conducted and results received before putting rams out for joining. 

Sheep Wool (1).jpeg

The Gain?

So with all of the preceding information covered and applied, what are the likely outcomes? 

We're confident you will see the results. 

Depending upon scale and technology, you should record improvements relatively quickly in relation to your breeding objective.  By measuring, monitoring and using technology available to you we will be able to assist you in tracking your ram's progeny's progress to ensure potential is reached.  Measuring, monitoring and analysis gives you certainty that your ram is as efficient and profitable as possible within your farming system.  We will partner with you as you require along the way to help you achieve your breeding objective.  If you are interested in a comprehensive genetic plan for your business, we can also work with you on this.  Talk to one of our team for more information.  

You Gain Us. 


Warranty Policy.

Now that we have provided you with all the information required to introduce your ram, acclimate your ram, joining your raam and check your ram post joining (and you have followed advice or sought independent advice) we are able to provide Ram Warranties* should anything go wrong.

  • Probreed Maternal Ram

    Ram / Lamb Guarantee

    • Guaranteed disease free, including Brucellosis free on departure from selling centre

    • Guaranteed for first joining or 12 months of age, provided ram lamb joining is no longer than 6 weeks

    • Guaranteed for structural faults until 12 months of age

    • Guaranteed fertility, subject to veterinary exam, testing and report

  • Probreed Plus Ewes in Sheep Yards

    Two Tooth Ram Guarantee

    • Guaranteed through to conclusion of first joining

    • Guaranteed for structural faults​

    • Guaranteed fertility, subject to veterinary exam, testing and conclusive report.

  • Probreed Maternal Rams

    Terms & Conditions

    • Following the death of a Probreed ram, Probreed is to be contacted immediately.

    • For rams that are deceased, the ear tag number and a photo of the ram with the tag in its ear must be supplied.

    • Probreed will pay for any veterinary examinations of sick rams or autopsy of dead rams, should the veterinarian indicate that fault lies with Probreed.

    • If Probreed is found not to be at fault, the owner of the animal agrees to pay all related fees.

    • Where a ram is reported to have structural faults, Probreed will visit the property to inspect the ram with the owner.  A replacement ram will be arranged as soon as possible, should this be deemed necessary.

    • A ram will be replaced due to infertility, sickness or death (where a veterinarian indicates fault lies with Probreed).

    • Replacement rams will be arranged as soon as possible.

    • Should a replacement ram not be available then a credit will be issued.

    • Replacement Ram Credits are to be used at the next available selection day. 

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