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Why Probreed?

David & Pixie Heath, Winchelsea VIC


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ProBreed Maternal is the ideal breed type for producers who want to maximise their lamb production per hectare, by increasing the number of lambs weaned and their growth rate.  ProBreed Maternal sires are selected for high maternal efficiency and fertility, as well as high weaning weight and post-weaning weight ASBVs.  They are also selected for low birth weight and high survival, to reduce lambing difficulties and losses.  ProBreed Maternal sires are suitable for mating with Merino or crossbred ewes, to produce high-quality prime lambs or replacement ewes. 

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Our Breeds.

vs. Average Composite.

Probreed Maternal

Have a play with our capital gain calculator and explore the benefits of a moderate ewe size. We've based our calculations on the joining of a Terminal ram with a Maternal ewe. If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch.



Sheep Wool (1).jpeg

Our sheep genetics businesscame from a desire to challengetraditional farming beliefs bybringing technology, geneticsand data to the sheep industry.

Genetic gain comes from accurate data. That’s why every lamb has a full pedigree and is measured and assessed for all of the important traits.

Our process incorporates the whole farm; where we optimise and adjust every element of our program to maximise performance in relation to your unique requirements and farming environment.

Simply put, we don’t rear our sheep, we rear your sheep, and we are so confident in our process that we guarantee you will achieve genetic gain.

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