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We build Outstanding Sheep

tailored to your unique requirements and guarantee that, when working with us, you will achieve year on year genetic gain.

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High Fertility Scanning 


High Survival 


High Early Growth 1st

100 days


KG Lamb / HA

Probreed Sheep

We're looking for weaning percentages of 180%+ and that's why we stock this type of sheep. The Maternals are stunning in their ability to produce twins and multiples. Their mothering instinct is the strongest I've seen over the years.

David Heath, Winchelsea VIC.

It was the one package to suit the whole operation. It had fertility, fecundability, and also had a finer type of wool... we're definitely producing more lambs going to this Maternal flock rather than a white suffolk.

Tom Lyons, Dundas Park, Vasey VIC.

I've been using Probreed Genetics for over a decade with outstanding results. Very fertile animal, excellent maternal mothering traits, lambing ewes, weight gain, fattening ability, all pluses. They're a really top animal.

Gordon Brown, Shelford VIC.


What improvements should we expect?

Probreed Ewes and Lambs

We work with you,for best results.

We love sharing what we do with our clients, relish your feedback and adjust our breeding programme accordingly. Because together we are better.



Meat + Wool.

The Plus breeding program delivers a sheep for producers who prefer dual income streams.

We GuaranteeGenetic Gain.

We’ve seen first-hand how genetics can transform the productivity and labour efficiency of a flock.

Probreed Maternal Ewes


Our flagship breed  

Maternal efficiency is the name of the game for these sheep.

Tom Lyons,  Dundas Park,  Vasey VIC

In Practice.



18 to 25kg Carcass

We focus on producing a carcass with meat in the right places and fat where it's needed most.

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