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We love breeding great sheep. Sheep that are not only great to read about but also great to look at and we know that although many things can be done with breeding values, there are a few things that can’t.

Genetic gain isn’t just about the numbers; it’s also about improving the visual and structural attributes of the sheep year on year, as well. That’s why we physically class all of our sheep to keep improving the visual aspects along with the numbers. Our sheep do amazing things, year in, year out and we are consistently impressed with how well they turn grass into saleable products.

We are breeding three distinct lines of sheep; each focused on making measurable genetic gain every year - that is our guarantee!


Our terminal line is focused on producing a 18 to 25kg carcase with meat in the right places and the fat where it is needed.

Early growth, carcase muscling and positive fat culminate in a lamb that can be turned off as a finished product early in the season.

Our focus on marbling will keep lamb on the menu for years to come.

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The Highlander is our flagship breed. Maternal efficiency is the name of the game for these sheep.

Moderate ewe weight, high early growth, high reproductive rate and low worms are just a few of the features of this unique ewe type.

For the prime lamb specialist, this is the maternal line of choice.

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Highlander Plus.

After more than three years investigating the potential to breed a Highlander with higher wool value, we are excited to launch our newest line of sheep; the Highlander Plus.

We are combining the attributes of the Highlander with high-performance merino genetics and then improving wool quality over time.

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