ABout us.

In 2019 Probreed launched to bring exceptional sheep to the Australian market by expanding on the knowledge gained from our many trials and lessons within the pig industry. As part of Murnong Farming Genetics, we employ a systematic approach to rearing livestock where we tailor, monitor, record and optimise every aspect of our farming process in-order to rear high performing rams and facilitating multiple births with around a 190% weaning success rate across our mature aged flock.

the farm.

We are located on the edge of the western district of southern Victoria in Inverleigh just one and half hours’ drive west of Melbourne.

Farming its own properties Murnong, Waverley, Yallambie and Shelleys supplemented with long term lease of Waterlands. The total area farmed is 1200 ha’s comprising of cropping, fodder production, stud Highlander, Highlander Plus and Primera sheep and commercial prime lamb production.

What we do differently.

We strive to be different, but not for the sake of just being different.  To achieve effective innovation and continuously deliver results for our clients requires a progressive approach. We know that resting on past successes and failing to move forward in an ever-changing industry & world results in diminishing returns, and that's something we refuse to deliver.


Farming sheep is only one part of our business, and although we strive to outperform all other stud breeders to breed genuinely exceptional stock, our real goal is to ensure that your business flourishes. That's why we partner with you and take time to understand your business first so we can tailor our process, ram selection, advise and ongoing support to your farm, flock, breeding objectives and unique environment.


Our sheep are benchmarked with Australian Sheep Breed Values. All lambs are DNA and genomic tested via tissue sample to measure and record the genetic gain in all the various traits. We are the only genetic producer that guarantees year on year genetic gain. We have that much confidence in our systems.


The success in our sheep breeding program comes from cross-pollinating ideas and techniques from our other farming ventures. Whether it's optimising our grazing ecosystems and supplementing feed to ensure our sheep receive the exact nutrition they need when they need it, to challenging convention and bringing across our techniques and successes from our piggery, our entire process is continuously refined to achieve the best result.


It's not just about getting you a genetically sound ram for your flock; our approach covers the whole process of getting you a ram that performs well with your ewes and delivers against your business objectives. We adhere to strict targets in ensuring everything from your ram's nutrition, health program and readiness for mating is fully aligned with your schedule, ensuring that your ram can hit the ground running and deliver.

Our Team.

MArtin Clark


With a background in farming and business leadership, Martin’s mission is to ensure we deliver tangible results for our clients and strive for improvement.
Josh Walter - Probreed's Stud Manager

josh Walter

Stud Manager

A passionate farmer who measures everything he does and employs the best brains & technologies in the industry to deliver outstanding results.


Managing Director

Our experienced sales manager who's day to day focus is understanding your business so that we can deliver products that deliver.


Genetics Advisor

Mark & the neXtgen Agri team have a wealth of experience in breeding exceptional sheep. Their advice & data support underpins our genetic gain.